Friday, May 28, 2010

Pcard - New project...

hey everyone! how are you all?
about two weeks ago while i was working on a postcard size painting for Next Wave Festival, the idea of doing a series in postcard size has came up to me.
so the project is going to be quite similar to the Watermark series but in smaller version and more experimental i guess.
plus, it's not going to be a portrait of an inspiration image that i've got off of website anymore. :P
it's going to be an image of my friend to start off with, well for now anyways, and then we'll see how it goes.
and i haven't actually got any name for this series yet, so hopefully i'll come up with one soon.
today i present to you, Miss Eve, a good friend of mine whos doing her art course in Arizona, our first painting for the project
i really am enjoying painting her. in fact, i would find myself doing some sketches of her every now and then.

today's painting isn't quite summing-up the exact style that i want to deliver in this project just yet. but i'll make it happens soon... so hang in there guys!
once again sorry for the bad quality photograph.


1 comment:

  1. P, this is amazing, I'm so flattered that you do such beautiful works of me and i love this idea that you've come up with, im so proud of you and miss you so much! You are a true inspiration love you eve x

    P.S im so excited to see more of this series!