Monday, April 26, 2010

The Girl with Cadet Blue Lip - Art Collective Night

ok the past week hadn't been a good week for my baby, laptop, as the power adaptor exploded.
so my laptop was dead for about a week and a bit. but now it's all good to go. yay!
anyways, this painting is one of the painting i did of Kirsten Dunst from
Marie Antoinette.

this saturday i went to 'Art Collective Show' which was a conjunction of art, music and you get to create your own work plus there was a game table as well. we got to make some doodling on the wall which was a pretty good fun. i got some pictures from the event.
the night started with acoustic and building up to rock bands, and yep... it was a good night.

photo of us relaxing on a couch by Erick 'E' Watson
with my abstract artist friend, Tim
Tom, the guy on the right, had his surreal paintings exhibited at the show
me doodling on the wall
with Viny

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